What's New

Amazing New Arena Technology!

Your Arena can not only reduce its carbon footprint but can SAVE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in energy costs annually.  This amazing technology from Sweden is 100% maintenance free, no moving parts, and no additional energy sources or systems required.  Once in, this system will pay for itself!   Additionally, your facility could be eligible to receive rebates from your local utility provider.  Contact us for more information on this innovative new product!

Drill and Countersink Puckboard

When installing new puckboard in your arena one of the most time consuming parts of the job is to drill and countersink all the sheets.  I.C.E. has a new service to offer our customers buying 60 plus pieces of puckboard.  Using a C & C machine we can drill and countersink kick strips and full sheets of puckboard.  Call for details and pricing.

Look-up Orange

It's been proven that even smaller hits into the boards can do permanent head or spine damage to a young player.  Look-up Orange is a product that when placed in a 40" swath around the boards provides warning of an impending collision.  If this saves one child from a permanent injury it would be well-worth laying into your ice.  The Veterans Memorial Sports Complex in Stonewall was the first in Manitoba to put it in.   Contact us to be the first in your community to provide a safeguard against head, neck and spinal cord injuries!

Sound Dampening Weight Lifting Platform

There is nothing on the market quite like this new sound dampening platform!  This logo friendly (painted rather than decals for longer wear) weight lifting platform is your answer to heavy weight drops for fitness centres, physiotherapy centres, schools and home gyms.  Ideal for the second floor!  We'd be happy to visit your facility to give you more information and a demonstration on how this product works.

Saniflow Hand Dryers

A great addition for your facility restrooms, choose from the Speedflow, Machflow high speed, and Dualflow Plus hands-in dryers. These dryers are ideal for high traffic areas.  Contact us for information on which dryer is right for you.