Saniflow Hand Dryers

Tri-Umph High-Speed Hand Dryer

This state-of-the-art, ergonomic, high-speed hand dryer is ultra-hygienic with with an outstanding filter system.  With air blowing down from vents above, users dry their hands in under 12 seconds.  This hand dryer allows users to use in a natural postion without water splash-back.  Eliminates 99% of bacteria.   Easy to maintain.

Tri-Umph High-Speed Hand Dryer
Dualflow Plus
Dualflow PlusM14ADetails
  • High speed "hands-in" with an inovative design
  • 2 pair of IR sensors on both sides of the upper covers
  • lowest noise level in its category
  • recommended for high traffic areas
  • 30-second safety tier
  • easy maintenance
  • removable water tank with Biocote protection
  • HEPA filter
  • available in white
  • other colours may be available at time of ordering
  • 233 MPH
MachflowM09A, AB, AC, ACSDetails
  • High speed hand dryer recommended for very high traffice areas
  • Maximum robustness & vandal-proof
  • 203 MPH
SpeedflowM06A, AF, AB, AC, ACSDetails
  • Warm air high speed hand dryer recommended for very high traffic areas 
  • Maximum robustness & vandal-proof
  • 110 MPH