What's New

Covid-19 PPE Supplies

KN95 Medical Masks - 5 ply - High quality construction, ordorless, ultra soft non woven material, 99% filtration efficiency, 5-layer high-efficiency filter

Face Masks (Earloop 3 ply non woven) - Disposable 3 ply masks; Non woven special design fabric with good water proof ability outer layer effectively blocking droplets and other visible objects  Filtration rate over 95%

Kids Masks - Ultra soft non woven material with over 95% filtration efficiency; easy to breath in

Adult Face Shields - One-piece face shields; 1" white stretch headband, polyester anti-fog film

Kids Face Shields - One-piece face shields; 1" white stretch headband; polyester anti-fog film 

Hand Sanitizers - Fragrance free, 70% v/v ethyl alcholol producing a thick, stable lather that leaves skin with a soft, refreshing skin.  No sticky after feel.  Kills 99.9% harmful bacteria and germs on skin

Infrared Thermometers  - High precision sensors, accurate data.  Easy to use, one button measurement, 2 models in 4 colours available

Protective Barriers - We're now carrying Covid-19 guards.  We offer acrylic & Lexan shields in 2 sizes   For use in sports facilities, arenas, retail stores, car dealerships, autobody shops or wherever protection is required.