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ZOONO 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer with Pump - 50 ml

This antiseptic hand sanitizer is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, dermatologically tested and is recommended to be reapplied every 24 hours. Zoono® Hand Sanitizer is non-irritating and non-drying for even the most sensitive of skin types. Even though it’s soft on skin, it is deadly for harmful germs and bacteria. Authorized by Health Canada for both commercial and domestic use; Zoono®  Hand Sanitizer’s active technology is effective both at work and at play. 

$9.95 with pump (minimum order of 3)

$19.30 - 150 ml foam with pump

$42.95 - 500 ml foam with pump

$280.50 - 3.78 L jug - available in sanitizer and Z71 Microbe Shield

DIN 02470403

ZOONO 24 Hour Hand Sanitizer with Pump - 50 ml

CAN99 Respirator

  • N95 Respirator Equivalent (N99 or 99PFE-L3)
  • CE FFP3 Certified
  • Health Canada Authorized,
  • CSA Certified 
  • ≥99% Filtration
  • Industry-leading breathability
  • Level 3 Surgical Respirator (>160 mmHg blood penetration resistance)
  • Fully Aluminum Nose Piece (MRI compatible)
  • Box of 25
  • Headband Donning
  • Graphene-Free
  • Made in Canada
  • Cases contain 550 Units or 22 boxes (minimum order)

The CAN99™ Surgical Respirator is Vitacore's newest and most advanced particulate respirator. The CAN99™ is Health Canada Authorized, CE Certified under EN149 with FFP3 classification and CSA Certified. It was designed specifically for Canadian healthcare and frontline workers to provide the highest level of protection. The CAN99™ is manufactured at Vitacore’s Burnaby BC facility. The CAN99™ is currently available exclusively to public healthcare and frontline workers. 

CAN99™ initial independent fit testing demonstrates some of the highest fit scores of any respirator ever tested. The CAN99™ has over 99% particulate filtration efficiency (NIOSH), a minimum of 160 mmHg blood penetration resistance (ASTM F2100). Our low inhalation/exhalation resistance creates the best breathability of any mask in its class available on the market. 

The material, assembly and final product testing are independently conducted by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), McMaster University and private lab partners.





CAN99 Respirator

SilverTEK Mask

As the world changes, we can help provide you day-to-day safety with a new standard of Silver ion masks. These mask sets an advanced standard of protection and offers superior comfort for any interior and exterior environment.

Protect yourself for up to 350 days with ease of breathability.  Full and complete testing available upon request; constructed for full day comfort; adjustable ear loops; patented ionic echnology; hand washable and air dry; adult & youth sizes.

Blow out price:  $10

 “My  daughter has a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy that has impaired her respiratory system.  She is now 15 years old and is required to use a bi-pap nightly to help with her breathing, both inhaling and exhaling.  She wears her Mars mask whenever she is out or when at school.  The mask was tested with an oximeter for its breathability showing normal results for her.  We ourselves, won’t go out without it as we know we will be protected”. …Joleen, Winnipeg, MB

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SilverTEK Mask

Nitrile Gloves

SureTouch Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves.  Superior strength, 50 gloves by count, Ambidextrous/Comfortable Snug Fit

Manufactured for McCordick Glove

Nitrile Gloves

Premium Adult Face Shields

Sturdy, adjustable & reusable face shields.  Stretchy & durable strap, lightweight and flexible frame with high optical visor giving excellent coverage.  Designed for comfort.  Accomodates glasses & face mask.  Responsible materials.  Made in Canada  Visor height: 21.5 cm;  circumference 29.5 cm


Premium Adult Face Shields