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Protect Virus-killing Reusable Mask

Finally!!   A mask that will kill bacteria and viruses!

MADE IN CANADA  $50.00 (Discounts may be available on large orders)

Free shipping on orders over 100 units

These antiviral masks are made with cutting-edge technology using a unique, proprietary silver ion formula designed to keep you and your family safe in these dangerous times.  The masks are superior in quality with military grade silver fully impregnated throughout the fabric that will not wash out, thus maintaining its virus killing efficiency for the entire life of the mask.

Comfortable to wear-Surgical grade, superior quality to N-95 masks.  The warmth and moisture of your breath will activate the protective properties and will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses keeping YOU and others safe.  Adjustable straps, hand washable/air dry or hydroclave.  Patented Ionic Technology.  Reduces the risk of social or hospital cross contamination.  These masks are in compliance of CSA Standards; flame retardant, materials are non-toxic.  Help save our environment by reusing long-lasting masks.  Save lives by wearing them regularily. Children's sizes (~ ages 7-9) available.

These masks are not to be confused with less expensive short-term masks (some using spray some using silver threads) that may currently be seen on the market.  Our material is completely infused with the protective silver ions.

Nelson Lab approved.  Reports available upon request.

To see this amazing technology, click on the link below

Protect Virus-killing Reusable Mask
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Face Shield with Glasses
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Clear, protective shield that can be worn on its own or over glasses.  Can also be worn with a mask if preferred.

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