Covid-19 Related Products

We are proudly partnered with The WOA Consulting Group and look forward to offering you new innovative products as they become available.

Graco Disinfectant Sprayer
Graco Disinfectant SprayerDetails

The Graco SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless is the ultimate portable disinfectant sprayer solution that delivers maximum productivity on smaller disinfecting jobs. Uniquely built with the highest-grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers.

Cordless Backpack Building Disinfecter
Cordless Backpack Building DisinfecterDetails

This is the latest sprayer, with a 16L large capacity portable ULV electric sprayer with backpack. Lithium battery power supply eliminates the trouble of a power cord. Built-in long rod atomization device, long spray distance, fast mist diffusion speed, large effect area. Excellent spray effect, higher mist volume, larger area, fine and even mist droplets. It can hold up to 16 liters of liquid, thereby reducing the need for regular replacement.

Touchless Disinfectent Dispenser
Touchless Disinfectent DispenserDetails

BENEMAX Wall Mounted Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Kits for all Recreational Facilities, Arenas, Schools, etc.  Each kit is battery operated and completely touchless, comes fully equipped with two (2) x 1 Litre bottles of BENEMAX sanitizer and 4 “C” batteries. BENEMAX sanitizer is a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol blend, that contains Vitamin E & Aloe Vera to ensure hands do not dry out.We now offer everything from disposable masks to facility disinfecting sprayers.

Infrared Thermometers
Infrared ThermometersDetails