Penetrant & Lubricant

Powerful industrial strength penetrating oil, extreme lubricating oil — non-toxic & environmentally-friendly and all natural.

SHOP STUFFF PENETRANT & LUBRICANT is a high performance penetrating oil, lubricant & moisture dispersant. Environmentally friendly products don’t usually get labelled “High Performance” but Shop STUFFF is just that.  Shop STUFFF is derived from 100% Canadian Canola oil and formulated with no petroleum ingredients in order to produce a product that does NOT contain the typical carcinogens that competitive, petroleum based lubricants do. If you are typically covered from finger tips to elbows in shop fluids all day why not make it a fluid that is as safe as the salad you eat at dinner. Most important, it works as good, if not better than it’s petroleum based counterparts.

The Canola Advantage!
Canola oil has superior lubricity, it’s better at being slippery than petroleum oils, which has no lubricity when it comes out of the ground. It gets its oily characteristics from chemical additives.

The canola alternative has other benefits too. It’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, completely renewable and it has a very high flashpoint making it virtually non-flammable in its liquid state. Muffler shops love it because they can throw the torch on nuts and bolts that have Shop STUFFFtm on them without getting a big flare up like they do from petroleum base products.

Shop STUFFFtm for Cleaning
When used as a cleaning agent Shop STUFFFtm is effective at removing rust, grease, water, other oils, dirt and most contaminants. Shop STUFFFtm is a superior solvent making it a truly multi-purpose lubricant.

Corrosion Prevention
Shop STUFFFtm also provides long lasting corrosion protection on untreated metal surfaces.

Low Odour
Shop STUFFF with its slight citrus aroma makes it much nicer to work with than many other products on the market.

For use on any metal application where tough to turn, seized and rusty metal is making your work a challenge.

Will clean and remove rust, oil, grease, gun powder residue, paint, exhaust soot, dirt, etc.

Penetrant & Lubricant