Batting Tees & Balls

Official Batting Tee
Official Batting TeeBBBATTEEDetails

Constructed of durable rubber with a solid metal base for added weight.  Adjustable from 20"-36" hitting height.  Ideal for training of all ages.

Eli Springback Tee
Eli Springback Tee1385407Details

Black batting T for baseball & softball

Ultra IS5000 Instructional Swing Batting T
Ultra IS5000 Instructional Swing Batting T1373582Details

Excellent equipment to develop proper swing path to the ball.  Can be used in or outdoors.  Portable.

Tanner Tee
Tanner TeeK11059/60Details

Standard or Short Tee.  Telescoping height adjustment, steel shaft, flexible ball rest for minimal resistance.

Travel Tee
Travel TeeDetails

Telescopic, lightweight and portable this telescoping tee allows for easy height adjustment.  Water resistant carrying bag included.

Varsity 5 Position Batting Tee
Varsity 5 Position Batting Tee1154818Details

Rugged hard rubber construction.  20 different drill positions.  10 year warranty

MacGregor Dimpled Machine Balls
MacGregor Dimpled Machine BallsDetails

These soft polyurethane balls are highly visable for our little sluggers when practicing to perfect their hit.  Strong enough to withstand hours of use but safe for aluminum bats.  Available in 9" baseball or 12" softball sizes.   12 balls in a pack