Turface Products

Conditioners, drying agents and clays are all required to maintain and upgrade your playing surfaces.

Moundmaster Blocks
Moundmaster BlocksDetails

Maintain superior pitching and batting surfaces.  High quality compacting clay formed into blocks.

Mound Clay
Mound ClayDetails

Build your mound and plate correctly.  100% high density pure virgin clay delivers great performance.


Absorb excess moisture & improve drainage as a result of balanced air & water pore space.  Ideal for new infield construction or renovation.

Quick Dry
Quick DryDetails

Fine particles make this product the perfect choice for quickly cleaning up puddles and mud on infields.  Dump & rake.  Absorbs its weight in water.

Pro League
Pro LeagueDetails

Small uniform particles assure a professional and smooth skinned playing surface.  Improves footing. This can also be used in similar fashion to Quick Dry.