Pitching Machines

Many brands and styles available.  Here are a few of our models...

Bulldog BB/SB Pitching Machine
Bulldog BB/SB Pitching MachineDetails

Single wheel combo

30-60 MPH; throws 11" & 12" softballs

110 volt AC or generator 1/4 HP D.C. motor 

Bulldog Elite 2-Wheel
Bulldog Elite 2-WheelDetails

Baseball and Softball versions available

Throws fastballs, sinkers, sliders, curves and knuckleball

30 - 102 mpr

Jugs Softball
Jugs SoftballDetails

15 - 60 mph pitching speeds

Jugs softball and super softball machines available.

Digital speed readout; throws risers, grounders, straightballs, flyball and popups

75 lbs

ATEC M2Details

Baseball and Softball models available

Throws fastball, curveball and sliders.

Jugs Soft Toss Machine
Jugs Soft Toss Machine1159967Details

5 second ball toss allows hundreds of swings in less than 30 minutes; holds up to 10 softballs & 14 baseballs.  Weights 13 lbs.

Rechargeable battery (charger included)