Home Plates

I.C.E. offers a variety of home plates from in-ground to strike zone.

MacGregor Waffle Syle In Ground Home Plate
MacGregor Waffle Syle In Ground Home PlateBBHPSAFWDetails

Require the basics and the best?  Then this is the plate you need for your league.  

All rubber construction; waterproof with non skid surface.

McGregor Wood Filled Home Plate
McGregor Wood Filled Home PlateBBHPSAFEDetails

Superior durability in our full traditional solid wood filled plate.  Black bevelled edges and sides reduce the chance of cleats catching.  Office size of 3" high

Bolco 300-AS Wood Home Plate
Bolco 300-AS Wood Home Plate1236415Details

Covered with quality vinyl. Weight: 29 lbs, 3" thick (regulation size)

Schutt Hollywood Bury-All Home Plate
Schutt Hollywood Bury-All Home Plate1236477Details

This base can be buried for permanent installation.  Durable, waterproof and all rubber.  Waffle design bottom and non-skid rubber top.  Made w/no corners or edges to eliminate possible spike catching.  This home plate is likely the most durable, safest option for your facility!

MacGregor Rubber Home Plate
MacGregor Rubber Home PlateBBHPXXXDetails

Suitable for both baseball and softball.  Black beveled edges for safety.  Solid white rubber weighs 10 lbs.  Comes with 5 spikes.

MacGregor Major League Home Plate
MacGregor Major League Home PlateBBHPHWODBMDetails

5 sided, beveled hard white rubber plate.  Includes anchor.

Schutt Strike Zone Home Plate
Schutt Strike Zone Home Plate1058741Details

Effective training tool for the importance of visual focus when pitching and hitting.

Also available in Extended Version