We carry a full range of quality basketball goals and equipment for both indoor and outdoor facilities.


MacGregor, Gared, Spalding, Bison, and Porter Goals available.

As we carry numerous goals please call us for further information.  We will find what's right for you!


Saf-Guard Cushion Edge Backboard Padding - made from high density polyurethane foam w/tough outer skin.  Indoor use only

DuraSkin Backboard Safety Padding - Fits every manufacturer's official 72 inch backboard but might need frame drilling.  Meets NFHS, NCAA, FIBA specifications - indoor use only

Pro-Mold Backboard Padding - Fits most 72" wide glass or acrylic backboards  Durable & soft made from high density polyurethane (indoor use only)

Porter Pro Bolt-On Backboard Padding - Meets all NBA, NCAA, FIBA, NFHS requirements.   Pre-drilled holes.  Available in 12 different colours

Porter Adhesive Backboard Padding - Fits 2 inch-thick backboards; molded from self skinning polyurethane foam.  Quick setting adhesive installation.  Pads two backboards.

Grizzly Adjustable Basketball Outdoor Systems
Grizzly Adjustable Basketball Outdoor SystemsDetails

Hight adjustment from 7 1/2 ' to 10'.  Thick clear acrylic regulation size backboard is welded to a heavy steel frame for extra support.  

Mega Duty Basketball Units
Mega Duty Basketball UnitsDetails

Galvanized steel pole.  Mounts directly through backboard to pole.  Includes ultimate double rim, nylon net, backboard, backboard brace & post.

Club Court Portable Basketball Systems
Club Court Portable Basketball SystemsDetails

We carry Porter, Spalding, Bison, and Gared systems.  Call us for what's right for your facility!

Storage and Carts
Storage and CartsDetails

Keep your basketballs off the ground.  We have many carts and storage options.

Net - Outdoor
Net - OutdoorSNBBN PBRYDetails

Durable 3mm polyethylene netting prevents tears and rips.  Ideal for outdoor basketball courts in schools, parks or playgrounds.  White 12 loop design; water resistant.

Web Outdoor Net
Web Outdoor NetDetails

Ideal for outdoor playgrounds and other basketball courts.  Designed to fit nearly any rim; triple stitched; flat straps maintain the traditional feel of nylon nets while withstanding bad weather; heavy duty S hooks securely attach the net to the rim.

Brute Basketball Net
Brute Basketball NetSNBBN 288YDetails

Constructed to withstand heavy use.  Helps give basketball courts that professional look.  Attaches to basketball hoops; 288 gm, 12 loop braided nylon is very durable.