Field Marking Equipment & Supplies

We carry a full line of products to mark your fields, whether on grass or dirt.

Graco ES 500 Battery Powered Airless Line Striper

The LineLazer ES 500 is a fully-capable line striper for those small to medium-sized re-stripe jobs—while introducing the benefits of battery-powered technology.

All fluid passageways are upgraded for use with fast-dry, waterborne traffic paints—hose, gun and fittings.


Benefits of Battery Power Over a Gas Engine

  • Reduce user fatigue while delivering perfect lines
  • Improved jobsite conditions


DEWALT® 9.0 Ah FlexVolt® Battery

  • Spray up to 10 gallons with two fully charged DEWALT FlexVolt batteries
  • Capable of completing 200+ parking lot stalls


DEWALT Fan-Cooled Fast Charger

  • Quickly charges battery in under 60 minutes
  • Allows contractors to finish jobs without interruptions


EasyMark Gun Adjustment System

  • Perfect gun setup every time with easy-to-use Guide Mark System


Proven Frame Design

  • Durable, steel construction
  • Accepts 15-gallon hopper and EZ Bead System


Front Swivel Wheel

  • Ability to stripe right up to the curb
  • Makes easy work of hard-to-do curves
  • Years of dependable operation with tapered locking pin design


Advantage Drive

  • Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation and a lifetime warranty


Endurance Pump

Last 2X longer than the next leading brand

  • Long life V-Max Blue Packings, Chromex rod, and hardened stainless steel cylinder
  • Faster cleaning with the QuikAccess intake valve


ProConnect Pump Replacement

  • Swap pump in minutes—no tools, pins or parts to lose


Easy Out Filter

  • Exclusive inside-out filtering design reduces tip clogs
Graco ES 500 Battery Powered Airless Line Striper

Graco Sports Field Striper S100

Airless technology for spraying high concentrations of turf paint deliverying bright, long lasting lines.  Durable light weight design. 

Graco Sports Field Striper S100

Quick Line Marker

Another Custom Design Product from I.C.E., our Quick Line Marker is easy to use as there's no hoses or motors to maintain. Our Line Marker is made from a sturdy steel construction and folds down for easy storage.  

Weighs only 51 lbs. and is fully mechanical.

I purchased a Quick Line Marker from I.C.E Marketing 8 years ago to paint lines for our inner city youth soccer program. It is the most inexpensive way I have found to keep the lines painted for our program, is low maintenance and very easy to use. I also get the paint from them every summer. I have been pleased with the product and the customer service over the past 8 years.  ....Brock Groening. Soccer Program Director/Youth For Christ

Quick Line Marker

Dry Line Marker

I.C.E. carries 2 lines of dry line markers with capacities up to 100 lbs.  Our line is all steel construction with stainless steel hopper built to stand up to the rigors of steady use.  All units have fingertip control allowing for 2" or 4" lines.  A unique agitator allows material to flow freely.

Available in 50 lb and 100 lb units with 2 or 4 wheels

Dry Line Marker

Alumagoal 4-Wheel Line Markers w/Pneumatic Tires

Give the playing field at your school or sports facility a professional look with the Alumagoal Heavy-Duty 4-Wheel Dry Line Marker, which allows groundskeepers to paint precise lines. Prepare fields for the season each year thanks to the marker's steel frame and galvanized steel bucket. Reliably create both 2 in. and 4 in. lines with the adjustable settings and wide wheels that provide a stable base as groundskeepers move along the field. Two handlebars offer a place to hold while marking the field for the upcoming soccer, football, baseball or softball season.  Durable configuration is designed with an 11-gauge steel frame, 18-gauge galvanized steel bucket and steel axle bushings. Four pneumatic tires maneuver the marker across playing fields. Two handles with grips offer a sturdy hold for pushing the marker. Settings can be easily adjusted to switch between 2 in. dry lines and 4 in. dry lines. Ideal for marking playing fields at schools, sports facilities or associations.

    • The most durable line marker on the market
    • 11 gauge steel frame
    • 18 gauge galvanized steel bucket
    • Tires measure 3.5"W x 10"D  
    • Easily adjustable to either 2" or 4" lines
Alumagoal 4-Wheel Line Markers w/Pneumatic Tires

Safe-T-Mark Diamond Chalk

A natural, pulverized mineral product that replaces lime.  This product will not burn or irritate skin or eyes.  
Safe-T-Mark is available in 50 lb bags.  

Safe-T-Mark Diamond Chalk

Athletic Field Striping Turf Paint

A choice of professionals, Missouri Turf Paint comes in both white and yellow and is designed for all types of natural turf.  Optical brighteners have been added to the product for optimum visual effects.   It's available in a concentrate and can be mixed with as much as 4 parts water.  Once diluted this paint provides a constant quality product, which is less costly than tank wash products.  Missouri Turf Paint will not harm grass.

Athletic Field Striping Turf Paint

Athletic Field Striping Aerosol Can

This is a water-based aerosol paint and is specifically designed for natural turf.

Available in 20 oz. cans (white) or 18 oz. cans (yellow)

Athletic Field Striping Aerosol Can

Aerosol Paint Line Marker

Aerosol paint line marker 4 wheel.  Convenient and easy to use with little cleanup.  Less expensive start-up cost.

Aerosol Paint Line Marker