We offer a large selection of brand name paddles including Onix, Apex, Selkirk for both beginners and advanced players. Don't see what you're looking for?  Contact us for more options!

Apex Club Maxx
Apex Club MaxxDetails

Handcrafted in Canada, Apex Club-Maxx paddle with the finest vinyl graphics available.  This paddle has no equal for the best value Canadian built paddle.  Designed for clubs, community organizations or those wanting the quality of Canadian built product.  1/2" PolymerLite Core designed for beginner to intermediate players.  Comes in a variety of colours.

Apex Club-Maxx 2 Paddle Pkg
Apex Club-Maxx 2 Paddle PkgDetails

Designed for clubs, community organizations or anyone wanting the design and quality of a paddle built in Canada.  The Club Maxx paddles has a 1/2" PolymerLite core that's great for long or short games.  These paddles are designed for the beginner to intermediate player.  Available in a variety of colours.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EXTREME HARD HITTERS (check out the Pinnacle or Summit series)   This series is also available in a 4 paddle package!

Apex Pinnacle
Apex PinnacleDetails

Quality Built, affordable, high performance, Handcrafted in Canada!  Perfect for clubs, community organizations or individuals wanting a premium paddle for half the price.  Available in blue, red and cyan.  1/2" polymer core as found in many premium paddles.

Apex Pinnacle 4 Paddle Pkg
Apex Pinnacle 4 Paddle PkgDetails

Canadian made high performance, quality built and affordable pickleball paddles are perfect for clubs, community organizations or anyone wanting the design and quality for half the price.  This performance paddle has the same high-quality polymer core found in many premium paddles.  Comes with a 6 month warranty for personal use, 90 days institutional.  Available in a variety of colours.  This series is also available in a 2 paddle package! 

Onix Composite Stryker
Onix Composite StrykerDetails

Onix Composite Stryker paddles offers all-around playability in a medium-weight paddle that features an oversized paddle shape for a larger sweet spot to take your game to the next level.  NOMEX Honeycomb Core, Composite Face.  Available in purple or red  Also available in Graphite!

Onix Evoke Graphite Tear Drop
Onix Evoke Graphite Tear DropDetails

This graphite paddle offers a balance of touch at the net and pop from the baseline in a hyper-lite design for quick reactions and a unique tear drop shape that optimizes the location of the sweet spot.  Polypropylene honeycomb core; graphite face; tennis handle; tear drop shape.

Paddletek Ts5 Bantam Light
Paddletek Ts5 Bantam LightDetails

Paddleteks most advanced paddle just got lighter.  This paddle is the perfect paddle for players seeking a light-weight size paddle with power, response and control.  Featuring ProPolyCore2 for optimum control, reduced vibrations and a large sweet spot.  Extra-large playing surface with balance weight distribution.  Comes in a variety of colours.

Paddletek Element Composite
Paddletek Element CompositeDetails

Looking for everything you'll need in a high-performance full-size Pickleball paddle with minimal weight?  This paddle is made for maximum speed and maneuverability for quick reactions at the net and featuring the Advanced ProPolyCore for superior control and plenty of power.  Meets all USAPA Tournament guidelines.  5 year "no dead spot" guarantee.  Comes in blue, red, yellow or pink.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Graphite
Paddletek Tempest Wave GraphiteDetails

The graphite face is extremely responsive and provides a quicker pop off the paddle's face, resulting in a faster game.  Meets all USAPA guidelines for approved sanctioned play.  One year warranty on paddle; 5 year "no dead spot" on core.  Comes in blue/black, red/black and pink/black.

Selkirk Epic 30P Graphite Paddle
Selkirk Epic 30P Graphite PaddleDetails

For serious players this is the paddle you've been searching for.  Light-weight, extended and wider playing area with it's long handle makes this appealing to a tennis-style, full-follow-through style swing.  Offering excellent control for the perfectly placed lobs to finessed dink games that explode with a full-swing slam down the middle.  This is Selkirk's championship-calibre paddle.  Call for more information on this impressive new paddle!  Available in Blue Plasma and/or Cherry Apple Red.

Selkirk NEO 2 Paddle Package
Selkirk NEO 2 Paddle PackageDetails

The new NEO is Selkirk's ultimate starter paddle.  It's made with the same polymer honeycomb core as Selkir's premium paddle, but the composite face utilizes a new technology that brings the cost down dramatically.  Also available with a 4 pack.

Selkirk Epic 20P
Selkirk Epic 20PDetails

The 20P (P is for Polymer) paddle has a lighter weight and allows for a new level of control.  Constructed with the finest grade polymer honeycomb core along with a high grade composite surface.  This paddle is perfect for a control game at the net while providing incredible punch of power.  Available in blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, and purple.

Selkirk Epic 30P 2 Paddle Pkg
Selkirk Epic 30P 2 Paddle PkgDetails

This paddle is constructed with a PowerCore honeycomb core along with an aircraft-grade graphite surface.  Available in a subtle texture rather than a slick gloss finish that allows for some top-spin or under-spin.  The 30P Epic Graphite has a great, soft-control feel at the net while retaining the power of Selkirk's PowerCore technology for perfect third shot drops.  This paddle will appeal to higher-level players.  Available in a variety of colours.

Selkirk Pro S1C + PLUS Composite
Selkirk Pro S1C + PLUS CompositeDetails

The Pro S1C+ Composite shares the same larger paddle area of the Pro S1G+ Graphite, giving it one of the largest sweet spots in the industry. For the S1C+ Selkik utilizes their proprietary EdgeSentryTM Plus edge guard to produce a balanced paddle with a little extra weight. With the Polymer PowerCoreTM Technology at its heart combined with a FiberStrongTM Composite face, this paddle will give you the power and precision you need to dominate your opponents.

Selkirk Pro S1G+ Plus Graphite
Selkirk Pro S1G+ Plus GraphiteDetails

The Selkirk Sport Pro S1G+ Graphite is the ultimate control player's paddle who does not want to sacrifice power. The S1G+ has a little extra weight than the S1G which gives it a little extra power. It shares the same larger paddle area of the Pro S1C+, giving it one of the largest sweet spots in the industry. Also, with our Polymer PowerCoreTM Technology at it's heart with the control of our CarbonFlexTM Graphite Carbon Fiber surface, this paddle will give you the soft touch you need for your control game.

Selkirk 300A XL
Selkirk 300A XLDetails

Selkirk's most popular paddle has kicked it up a notch!  They've taken what is arguably one of the best control paddles in the industry and added just the right amount of weight to add even more power to that renowned control.  Aluminum Honeycomb Core, Graphite Surface Layer, Vinyl-Laminate Graphics Surface with UV Protection, and Selkirk Grip.   USAPA Tested & Approved for Tournament Play.  Available in orange or green