Ice Painting Equipment & Supplies

Get the job done fast!

Paper Line Kits

Our Paper Line Kits are simple to use providing you with a professional looking ice surface for various ice sports.

Paper Line Kits will cover 4 rink surfaces and come in a selection of configurations including line rolls and red or blue dots.

Also available in Cloth Line Kits.

Paper Line Kits

Circle Line Applicator

Make the installation of circles a breeze with the Circle Marker Kit.  You can lay down a perfect circle in approximately 1 minute.  No more crawling around on your knees!

Custom Ice Painting & Ice Building

Have your White Ice paint professionally applied using our Patented Mark IV Ice Painter.  The application of our White Ice Paint and sealant coats can be done in approximately 2 hours by one person significantly reducing manpower hours. The quality of the paint application cannot be matched!  The Mark IV has steadily been increasing in popularity throughout North America due to it's capabilities and ease of use.

The Mark IV is also second to none in building arena ice with it's consistent and even water spray.

 This is the best thing since sliced bread!! - Brady Vogt, Lumsden Arena, SK

Custom Ice Painting & Ice Building

Resurfaces Parts & Accessories

We carry a range of supplies for your Zamboni or Olympia conditioners.

Spreader Towels

  • 2 styles available: Micro Fibre and Felt
  • 3 sizes: 84”, 80”, 77”

Conditioner Squeegees

  • For both Zamboni and Olympia Conditioners

Conditioner Blades

  • Sizes: 84”, 80”, 77”

Broad Brushes

  • For Zamboni or Olympia Machines

Magnetic Blade Change Protectors

  • 2 piece plastic construction for increased safety

Blade Change Hooks

  • Increases the safety of staff changing conditioner blades
  • For Zamboni or Olympia
Resurfaces Parts & Accessories

Ice Paint

To achieve the best results when painting your ice be sure to use proven products. At I.C.E. we offer a range of top quality products to meet your requirements. 

White Ice Paint                                             

  • Our newly formulated “Brite White” Ice Paint is a high quality white paint that will give you excellent coverage, brightness, and suspension 

Colored Ice Paint

  • We carry 3 quality manufacturers’ products.
  • Standard colors of Red, Blue, and Crease Blue, as well as custom colors are available