Outdoor Hockey Rinks

I.C.E. is proud to work with local, rural and northern communities on various projects that help enhance facilities enjoyed by so many sports enthusiasts.  We offer three types of outdoor rink packages.  Our systems can be customized to meet your needs by providing you with a number of gates, boxes and even chain link fencing.  We'd be happy to assist you in the planning of your rink.

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove light snow and debris from your rink?  Check out our Snowdozer Advantage!

ProWall Portable Thermal Resin Board System

Snap-together six foot panels

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable, and easy-to-set-up Containment Board System for your school, camp, YMCA, rec center, neighborhood park or backyard you've come to the right place!  Durable molded plastic boards give you an incredible ease of setup and re-sizing.  Regulation-height for added safety; advanced durability; flexibility of use with options for permanent, semi-permanent, or portable anchors, and multiple options for upper containment additions.  Build your system with impressive aesthetics at an affordable price.

Setups can be as small as 10' x 10' and as large as 200' x 100' and hundreds of sizes between.  It's recommended creating your rink as large as possible while ensuring you maintain an approximate length-to-width ratio of 2:1 or 2.5:1.  Proper dimensions and proportion are important to facilitate maximum play.  Rink dimensions can be increased or decreased in 2-ft increments.

ProWall is a revolutionary new product designed to combine the best traits of traditional hockey dasher board systems with those of newer, more portable systems.  Made of durable, rotationally-molded plastic these boards are the perfect sport containment system.

Can be used for multiple sports such as ice hockey, ball hockey, lacross, baseball and soccer.  Moulded out of a special low-temperature impact thermal resin, this system is the best solution when extra durability is needed. Contact us for your custom quote.


ProWall Portable Thermal Resin Board System


Add a little fun to your backyard this winter. With NiceRink’s products, your family and friends will enjoy endless days of hockey games, spinning ice skaters, and general winter play. Get a high-quality ice rink at a reasonable price and start creating wintertime memories today.

There are three stages of building a successful backyard ice rink. Here’s how to get started: 

Before you buy

  • Measure your desired location. You’ll need to know the size and slope of your space, as well as how many people will be skating at the same time. 
  • Select your rink from NiceRink’s wide array of products, packages, and solutions. You’ll find everything from individual products to entire rink packages, each of which can be customized to meet your unique specifications, so you end up with the best backyard ice rink possible. 

Choosing your NiceRink 

  • Each home rink package is created to meet your space’s specifications. Choosing the right rink package for your space is an important first step in ensuring a successful DIY installation. 
  • Contact us and make your rink choice, and the production process will begin right away. NiceRink will prepare your package using the most durable and long-lasting materials available. NiceRink liners are ultra-white on both sides, helping to keep your ice as cold as possible and saving your grass. These liners are what makes the difference in your ice quality,too, providing the smoothest, longest-lasting ice for your family.  

Installing your NiceRink 

  • All that’s left to do is assemble your backyard ice rink. NiceRink will provide detailed instructions and tutorials that will guide you through the entire process. Previous NiceRink customers have reported setting up their package in as few as 40 minutes!  
  • Enjoy your rink! Once you have ice, the rink is ready for play. As soon as the word spreads, you’ll have all your friends, family, and neighbors knocking down your door to join!

Backyard Ice Rink Liners by NiceRink

NiceRink® liners are ultra-white on BOTH sides! This helps keep your ice as cold as possible by reflecting the UV rays away from your ice. A white liner will also save your grass (unlike clear or white/black liners, or "blue tarps" which are known grass killers!). Other liners on the market may include a five-year "UV warranty." That's fine, but UV damage is not going to be the problem since the liners are covered with snow and ice during usage, so the UV doesn't affect the liner. You need a good strong liner to do the work. NiceRink® CS liners have lab tested on average OVER 50% STRONGER than imitators, yet selling for the same cost. 

Determining Liner Size: Ordering the NiceRink® backyard ice rink liner is a very simple affair. After determining what size rink you're creating, simply select the liner type you would like and enter the width and length of your rink into our liner quoter. Click "ADD TO CART" and your custom sized liner will be added to your shopping cart!

The correct liner size will give you 2.5' of extra liner around the entire perimeter of your ice rink to go up and over the inside edge of the boards to contain the water and ice. If you are using boards that are taller than 24" please increase your rink size in our liner quoter to get a larger/correct liner size.

More information on types and sizes of these liners can be found on NiceRink.com

Backyard Ice Rink Liners by NiceRink

Traditional Permanent Systems

This system uses galvanized posts which are set into the ground for permanent use.  Posts are clad with either 2" x 6" wood pickets or .500 UV stabilized puckboard. Use with wood or UV treated puckboard cladding  (City of Winnipeg specification)

Traditional Permanent Systems

Portable 8' Sections

These sections are fabricated in 8' welded aluminum panels allowing the rink to be taken down after your season of skating.  Cladding is .500 UV stabalized puckboard.   

Portable 8' Sections