Tips & Training

Our one or three day workshops offer expert training for your staff in ice installation & maintenance.

Trouble Shooting & Operational Tips for the Mark IV Ice Painter

Before starting up the Mark IV

- check oil level in crank case- fill gas tank with fresh gas

Care of Pump

DO NOT start the motor and run the system without having water in the centrifugal pump.  Doing so can burn out the pump.  The best way to charge the pump is: - Fill the tank to a level that is above the inlet line to the pump; approximately 3/4 full. - Crack the quick disconnect line leading to the pump to allow air that is in the line to bleed off until the line is fully charged ...

How to Use Freeze-in Pins

Freeze-In Pins

Freeze-in Pins work best when they are melted into the ice.

This procedure should be used when setting the goal frames for the first usage of the day.

Place the Steel Freeze-in Pins in a container of hot water. Remove Pins from water. Insert Pins into goal frame. Set the frames in proper location on goal line. Pins will melt into place.

By using this procedure instead of trying to bang the pins into place, the pins will stay in place much better, and the ice at the base of the goal posts will stay in much better shape.